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Central Sizing

Hi All,


I want to the know how to do scaling or sizing of Aruba Central Subscription. .i checked in ordering guide, we have two subscription options there. management and services subscription. 

suppose in my example i have 100 IAP's including 20 VC's (master IAP) i want to know that my sizing will be based on VC's in each cluster or the entire IAP's in the cluster. and which subscription i would require, service or management?

Re: Central Sizing

You will need to purchase 100 licenses (100 IAPs) / (management and service)
The licenses are subscription based
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Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI

Re: Central Sizing

The reason for purchasing 100 device licenses is due to the fact that VC in the cluster can change.


VC reports the status of slaves to Central.


So, in case the current VC goes down, one of the slaves will take over.


If this slave IAP is unlicensed on Central, the IAP's for the cluster will be reported as down however they will be working locally.


Service licenses are feature based (eg: presence analytics/guest access/clarity etc).



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