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Centralized L2 DHCP and IPv6 RAs on wired ports




IAP-205H (OS running as IAP-VPN to a 3200 controller in the office.

IAP is connected to a residential DSL router LAN with Port E0.

Centralized L2 DHCP setup for a corp SSID on the IAP. No sp

The router at the office in the VLAN is sending IPv6 Router Advertisements.

Wireless clients connected to the corp SSID receive those IPv6 RAs and have v6 connectivity. IPv4 DHCP from corp DHCP server works as well.

All good so far.



The IAP is also bridging the IPv6 RAs from the corporate router on its E0 port. Other (no corporate) wireless clients that are connected to the residential DSL router receive those IPv6 RAs as well.

Those clients should not receive that as they should not be part of the Centralized L2 DHCP setup.

It leads to a situation where a residential wireless client reveices DHCPv4 and IPv6 RAs from the residential router but also  IPv6 RAs from the corporate router. Result are timeouts for IPv6 traffic as the corporate IPv6 network can not be reached.


I tried to setup a different wired-port-profile for E0 but was not able to get the IAP not bridge the IPv6 RAs out of the wired port. I played around with different VLANs that are network assigned with no luck.


Is there a way to get the IAP NOT bridge the IPv6 RAs seen on the centralized L2 out on it´s E0 port?

That looks like a bug to me.




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