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Centralized L3 on cellular uplink not working



So we have a setup using Centralized L3, meaning the client on each Instant branch are receiving their DHCP ip address from an Central DCHP server in the datacenter. The instant are setting up a VPN tunnel to a central controller.


The problem/strange thing is that when we are using the IAP-155 with a cellular uplink the clients cant get any ip-address via the DHCP server i see the Client are doing an discover but there it stops and its same behahviour on both WLAN and the LAN ports. The VPN tunnel to the central controller is also successfully up and running and if you configure a client with a static ip address on one of the LAN ports the central traffic are working like a charm. So its just DHCP not working...


If I switch to use the WAN port and 4G via dovado router or a regular LAN network everything works perfectly.

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Re: Centralized L3 on cellular uplink not working

Hi Friend,


This is really not expected behavior, I advise you to open a TAC ticket .


Please feel free for any further help on this.


Venu Puduchery,
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