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Changing infomation in the white lists.

I have 4 controllers two in one home office and two in another. Both are sites have a primary and secondary. When I make changes to the whitelist on one sites primary it isn't always reflected on the secondary. There have been instances where the changes on both revert back to the old information. Is this a known bug? I've been making the change, clicking update, then saving the config to flash. I get confirmations but when I reopen the controller later the names are back to their original.

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Re: Changing infomation in the white lists.

Which whitelist are you referring to?

What is your controller topology?

Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
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Re: Changing infomation in the white lists.

I make my changes in the web client I access from the primary controller. The label on the interface is Mobility Controller. To date all I've had access to is adding devices to the whitelist and using instant to deploy them.

If I'm not mistaken when you ask about the topology I think you mean the following.

City one,
Primary Controller - Master
Secondary Controller - Slave

City two,
Primary Controller - Mirror of City one Master
Secondary Controller - Mirror of City one Slave

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