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Chromebook can connect to controller-based wifi but not IAPs

I'm have a Dell Chromebook here and for some reason it cannot connect to any PSK SSIDs that I make available at either of my virtual controller-managed networks (IAP 225s). I have two networks with the same SSIDs available, but they are separate physical locations with separate virtual controllers, but the configs are the exact same. The device can see the networks broadcast but cannot connect, but other Chromebooks can connect just fine (all enrolled with our Google Apps domain and with the exact same configuration/network profiles).


The strange thing is, if I take this device to one of my schools that has a controller-based network (again, with the exact same PSK SSIDs setup), it can connect just fine. It only has trouble on the IAP networks.


I can't even think where to start troubleshooting this. It the MAC was blacklisted or something it would only be blocked at one of the IAP sites, not both. I tried wiping the device and starting over to no avail.


Does anyone have any ideas?

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