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Chromecast with IAP Only Works Once

Hi, All.


I have an IAP with latest firmware and a Chromecast Gen2.


The Chromecast only works through IAP for the first use after initial configuration from a factory reset. If I disconnect and reconnect my phone it will no longer find the Chromecast device.


Emplyee usage.

Airgroup is enabled with the Googlecast, DIAL, and DLNA.

No Access restrictions.

The Chromecast shows in the Airgroup cache for DLNA/DIAL.


After this happened the first time, I again factory reset the Chromecast and it worked once. After disconnecting/reconnecting my phone it could not find it again. This only happens from my Android phone 6.0.1. My laptop can cast to it from Chrome browser.


Any thoughts?




Re: Chromecast with IAP Only Works Once

do u got broadcast filtering enabled? **DISABLE IT** and check




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Re: Chromecast with IAP Only Works Once

Sorry. Forget to mention that had also already been disabled.



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Re: Chromecast with IAP Only Works Once

This was "resolved". The issue was that for testing purposes I wasn't worrying about internet access and related things like DNS. Once I finished the full config and had DNS going I was able to connect/reconnect with my phone just fine.

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