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Cisco sw and two of IAP135

Dear Guru, 


Kindly tell me your advice. This is first time to install Aruba AP. 

I have two questions for this.

- How to assign IP to manage for each APs?

- I want to mange these APs with single group. Is it possible?



Cisco side 

interface GigabitEthernet1/0/47
description To AP135#02
switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,101,103
switchport mode trunk


Aruba IAP 135 side (no Controller)

- Create SSID for employee

- Create SSID for guest 



thanks in advance..


Re: Cisco sw and two of IAP135

When your IAP comes up initially, you should see an SSID called "instant".  Connect to it and open a broswer.  That should redirect you into the management UI.  The default credentials are admin/admin.


Once in, go to System at the top and then you should be able to set a Virtual Controller IP address to manage the cluster.  


Creating your networks are done with a built in wizard as well.


Please see for a complete training overview of the IAPs

Seth R. Fiermonti
Consulting Systems Engineer - ACCX, ACDX, ACMX
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