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Clean remove AP from Airwave for create new Group and VC

Hi Airheads,

We got a problem when we tried to remove an AP from Airwave. We would like to create a new group with a new VC from a slave AP. We have a simple clustered IAP-207 what is in a main group but it isnt master. We want to create a new VC and a new Group with this AP.

Steps what we tried:
1. We removed the IAP from the Airwave group.

2. We sent him a factory_reset command from CLI with Console cable.

3. We setted up a new IP for him (the IP range is same the main group AP-s). This time the AP was standalone mode.

4. We setted up this AP for the same Airwave server (in webgui System\General and System\Admin menus) but gave him a new virtual connector IP and changed the admin menu Organization section to new group name what we would like to create.


At this time we restarted the AP with active network connection and waited.


The AP is didnt create a new VC in the targed group when it booted. It registered to the previous group with his new IP. We suspect the Airwave saved his MAC address for this group (allowed-ap MAC option). We tried to delete in the master AP throught ssh with the no allowed-ap MAC command but when we tried to commit this setup it said the Airwave manage this settings.

Question is what can we do with this situation?

Thank you for your help!

Best Regards,


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Re: Clean remove AP from Airwave for create new Group and VC

Hi Adam,


Do this scenario:

1. Connect to the specified AP via console cable

2. Reload the AP and enter apboot

3. Type command: factory_reset and after the AP rebooted enter again to apboot

4. Delete this AP from AirWave Group

5. After you can see the AP already deleted, in the apboot menu type reset and let the AP to boot initial settings (without IP configuration)

6. When rebooted and got User: prompt you can see the following line: !!! Init ---> Master at this point you are in the right way

7. Login to AP with default auth and reload it and enter apboot and check the servername parameter (with printenv command). You have to see aruba-master value! This mean the same what you can see in the Step 6 (!!! Init ---> Master)

8. Setup the network settings if you want it manually (setenv ipaddr, netmask, gatewayip, don't forget to saveenv before you restart the AP )

9. Wait until it's booted and enter in the WebGUI and setup for AirWave connection again where you can put it to Group where you want.




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