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Clearpass Extension installation issues

I've hit a brick wall with a clearpass installation i am working on. I'm attempting to install an extension from the store and i keep receiving the error "Error creating extension instance: store lookup failed"

The funny thing is im able to see what stores are available, so i tried a few different stores and get the same issue. Ive confirmed no proxy is blocking access etc.

has anyone else run into this before? i had a good search through the airheads forum and couldnt find anything relevant

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Re: Clearpass Extension installation issues

What firmware version do you use? I dont have a lot experience with extententions but in my 6.7.7 deployment i can successfull download the extension.


Also read the release note there is some known issue arround.


"Customers whose networks include addresses in the network are advised to either disable the ClearPass Extension service or to contact TAC for assistance in re-allocating the Extensions to use a different network address space. For more information, see #34161."


Another thing thats up my mind but not sure if its relevant to extensions, did you activate de clearpass licenses and add a hpe passport account for download subciption in the CPPM?


Hope this helps you!







Kind Regards Marcel Koedijk
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