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Client IP Assignment Virtual Controller Assigned NAT clarification

Could someone verify something for me?

We are trying to setup a guest network and I am trying to "air gap" the guest network off the access point management subnet / IP.


From my reading, video demos, and other posts on airheads I was under the belief that when the Virtual Cluster had an IP address configured to it and the guest SSID had Client IP Assignment set to Virtual Controller Assigned the source NAT was that of the Virtual Controller not the physical AP management IP address.  What I am seeing is all traffic is NATed to the management IP address of the physical master AP.  I ran this past support and they told me that where the documentation says Virtual Controller it not referring to the software "Virtual Controller" it is referring to the cluster master device that is functioning as the Virtual Controller at that time. 

Since there are several howtos that seem to contradict that I was wondering if anyone could verify the expected behavior. 

Also could someone explain to me the purpose/value of NATing to the physical controller versus each AP NATing itself since the source IP address would change any time the master AP changes you would have to configure your infrastructure to accommodate every access point anyway?.



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