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Client Isolation Feature with Instant 8.5

There are always cases where you need to ensure that the traffic between Wireless clients with in a subnet are not allowed. In the past with Instant APs (IAP), we could use Broadcast filter All (block Broadcasts and Unknown multicast. Except DHCP and ARP) and also enabling Deny inter user bridging feature that would provide client isolation only for the clients that were connected to the same IAP


With the Instant 8.5 version we have this new feature called Client Isolation, which enables you to disable all client-to-client traffic with in a subnet across the cluster. For some use cases this feature can be used to improve the security of the network infrastructure and protects it against vulnerabilities.


This short tutorial will go through this feature and demonstrate it.

Hope you’ll find it useful and as always please send through your feedback for future improvements.

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