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Client Match - IAP vs. controller based

Hi everyone,


I'm currently evaluating different access points with special focus on the client steering solution.

Right now I have a small test setup with 10 clients and 3 Aruba IAP305.

I found some statements in the Airheads community (e.g. here ), which state that client match is different between the instant and the controller based solutions.

Looking at the documentation of the controller based APs and my current setup with IAPs, I also noticed that there are bunch of additonal configuration options available on the controller based solution.


So what are the actual differences between the controller based and the IAP solution, aside from e.g. more configuration options?

Are there also differences when I want to manage my Aruba APs via cloud?




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Re: Client Match - IAP vs. controller based

Funtionally, ClientMatch on the controller and Instant (InstantOS 4.2.x and newer) are the same.  ClientMatch on InstantOS 4.2 was tuned to make it more in line with what the controller provides.


In practice, the default configuration on either the controller or Instant are adequate for the vast majority of deployments.  The tuning of ClientMatch between the controller and Instant would be what is different.  Besides that, functionally, they are the same.


EDIT:  The Cloud-based solution exposes the Instant parameters for ClientMatch, so it is in line with the InstantOS implementation.

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