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Client Match heatmap display problems

I've noticed a couple of problems with Client Match in firmware version


First, a problem where the mouse-over display fights with the cursor.  I see similar behavior in both Chrome and Safari on Mac OS X.  I can work around the problem by using Firefox, which doesn't have this issue.


The simplest explanation of the problem is probably a screen capture video:


(view in My Videos)


Second (and possibly more annoying): the MAC addresses shown in the client-view heatmap don't match any of the APs in my cluster.  The first three octets (i.e. the manufacturer prefix) appear correct, but the last three octets are scrambled.  Interestingly, these unknown MAC addresses also appear in the syslog output.  For example, this is a line from my cluster's syslog:


Sep 30 16:40:17 2014 sapd[1535] <Notice>: <127004> <NOTI> < 00:0B:86:CF:90:B2> |ids-ap| AP(00:0b:86:79:0b:28): Interfering AP: An AP detected an interfering access point (BSSID 6c:f3:7f:96:cb:78 and SSID  on CHANNEL 44).


00:0b:86:79:0b:28 (the MAC shown in the screen capture video above) is NOT a member of the cluster, and AFAIK does not exist, but 00:0B:86:CF:90:B2 is in the cluster (and does have the .205 IP address).  


This message doesn't appear in the latest version of the Syslog Messgages Reference Guide I have access to, so I'm not sure if I'm reading it correctly, but it looks to me like the "AP()" section is supposed to be the reporting AP.  

Re: Client Match heatmap display problems

The mac on the radio, or BSSID is different from the wired mac.  There is a strong correlation between the wired and radio mac though, so it is easy to tell what AP it is coming from.


'show ap bss-table' will list all the bssids that are being broadcast.

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Re: Client Match heatmap display problems

Ah, okay... the wireless vs. wired MAC info at least explains what's going on.  It's still a usability problem, though, since I don't see an easy way to correlate the points on the heatmap back to specific AP's.  Running 'show ap bss-table' on all 27 AP's in my cluster, collecting the results, and trying to find the MAC address (which due to the way the hover display works I can't even copy/paste) in the resulting list is incredibly awkward.


As a larger issue, it would make life much easier if the UI always displayed APs by name instead of (or in addition to) by MAC address.  It already does this in most places, but there are a couple (Active Faults/Fault History, at least) that just show the MAC and are consequently rather awkward to use.

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