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Client match fails in certain devices



I am experiencing some issues with client match in an IAP cluster (9x IAP-115). I can see that for certain clients, the client-match algorithm is failing (I attach the output of "show ap client-match-actions | include <client´s MAC addr>).


I know that this is likely a client issue. But I wonder if it is possible to do something on the clients to increase the success rate of client-match.


i would like to mention that I already lowered the min and max tx power to 9 and 15 respectively (and now client-match is working better)

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Re: Client match fails in certain devices

Are clients performing poorly? 


The ClientMatch failure simply indicates that when ClientMatch tried to move a client to a radio that we thought was better, the client did not end up on that radio. ClientMatch attempts to influence the connection, but ultimately it is the client device that determines what radio it ends up associated with. When you say you're having ClientMatch issues, are clients ending up in a worse-case environment than if ClientMatch wasn't enabled?

Charlie Clemmer
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Re: Client match fails in certain devices

I have not tested the environment with ClientMatch disabled. But I can see that now some clients (not all of them) are not connecting to the best AP

I would say that this is a client issue. I will try to test without client match and compare

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