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Clients not joining AP

Running the 'latest' aruba instant and im finding most clients will not automatically join the AP while in power save, ie locked, when they come within range after being away for a few hours. The only way they will join is if they are unlocked.


This has also happened when ARM has shifted channels, even with the channel switch announcement count set at 3.


Clients in particualr are iphone6s and this affects both the 2.4 & 5 networks. 


Thanks for any pointers.


I dont think i have twekaed any settings that would cause this although i'd appreicate it if anyone could tell me if is one/some that i should check.

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Re: Clients not joining AP

You should try setting everything back to the defaults. If you have gotten around to configuring CSA, which many clients do not support, you have probably enabled a few other things as well...

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Re: Clients not joining AP

Ok thanks Colin, i was consdiering doing that as im sure they were joining ok at the beginning!


With the CSA, im sure it was set at 2 as default and i have actually turned it off to 0, although that wouldnt have any effect on clients re-joining though would it?


Also, would "clear configuration" act as a restore to factory settings?




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