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Clients won't resolve public DNS through IAP-315

We're in the process of switching from Cisco to Aruba IAPs (IAP-315).  We've configured two vlans, vlan100 and vlan130.  VLAN 100's DNS is set to internal and has no issues resolving, but VLAN 130 is set to OpenDNS IPs and cannot resolve.  We are using the same VLANs that our current Cisco Controller is using and it has no issues resolving DNS, so I don't think it's an access problem on the ASA Firewall or core switch.  The clients connected through the IAP are getting DHCP addresses and showing the correct DNS server, but nslookups always times out.  I am able to ping outside IP addresses and even reach some sites by using the IP address, but for some reason I cannot resolve DNS.  Any ideas?

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