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Cloud Guest with IAP-93s

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Can I use Cloud Guest with IAP-93s? The current firmware of the IAP-93s is According to Aruba Central this is the latest available version, but for Cloud Guest IAP 4.1.2.x or higher is needed. We have a valide evaluation subscription key. At another location we have another virtual controller with IAP-103 and they have the latest firmware and I can select Cloud Guest. Any idea why there's no newer firmware showing up for the IAP-93? Can I initiate a firmware check via CLI?

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Re: Cloud Guest with IAP-93s

No Support for IAP-92/93 Starting with release, Instant does not support IAP-92/93 devices. Do not upgrade an IAP cluster containing IAP-92/93 devices to Instant or later version. In case of an accidental upgrade, the IAPs will be automatically downgraded most of the time. You can also manually downgrade IAPs to an Instant 4.0 or 4.1 release, without losing the existing configuration.


The above is from release notes of first 4.2 release, which supports cloud guest.

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