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Cloud based Clearpass

we have a customer who would like to deploy Instant clusters in their stores.

They would like a Cloud based Clearpass reachable from the stores.

They would like Clearpass guest with self-registration.

My question is:-

when the guests have created an account and they hit the login button Clearpass sends an HTML post to the

client to enable a radius login from the Cluster to Clearpass.

Does the client need IP visibility of the Instant cluster from the Guest IP subnet?

I am thinking that it doesn't because the Instant cluster will incercept the HTML post !!

Is this right?




Re: Cloud based Clearpass

The Instant clusters need access to the ClearPass Guest appliance in your data center on both HTTP(S) and RADIUS.


Below a workflow from the old Amigopod documentation, however the flow is still about the same:


1) User associates

2) User is redirected to the landing page on ClearPass Guest; the proxy in Instant will proxy this from the management port; or with the proper exclusions this is forwarded directly from the Guest VLAN. Required access HTTPS and optional HTTP to the CPPM server.

3) Pre-login check on ClearPass (optioninal) and the....

4) Redirect to the NAS Login page ( by default); this is handled by the Instant AP

5) Instant AP converts the username password in the redirect to a RADIUS request to CPPM; this requires RADIUS access (udp/1812) from the Instant management interface to your CPPM in the cloud/data center.

6) CPPM returns access accept with optional role  (7) assignment and other optional access parameters.

8) Accounting from Instant AP management to CPPM udp/1813




In some situations, you may want to trigger a disconnect or reauthentication from the CPPM. In that case, Change-of-Authorization (CoA) comes into play; for that you need access from the CPPM TO the Instant AP management IP (default on udp port 3799). In internet connected situations this may be difficult to realize; however Instant allows the configuration of a VPN to your data center and run the CPPM traffic over that VPN in two directions.


So you don't need guest users access the Instant Cluster; they will indirectly during the initial redirect, and the authentication.


Does this answer your question? Or what do you want to achieve, or avoid?



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