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Combing two Airwave servers to create on Central

Ok so we had a Wifi deployment where things got setup incorrectly and were on Airwave server A.  We created a test airwave server to correct everything, so we would deploy wifi properly.  The time has come to disconnect all of our remote IVC and connect them to the new correct Airwave server.  Trying to figure out the best way to handle this.  Should I just disconnect all of the IVC's from Airwave A and then connect to the new proper Airwave server and fix the mismatches that way.  Or would I be better of connecting to each IVC and clearing all configurations and bringing them into the new Airwave server that way?

Re: Combing two Airwave servers to create on Central

My suggestion would be to point the VCs to the new Airwave server and fix the mismatches.

That way, there is no need to wipe the VCs and AMP will have the config on the VCs...

We went through a similar exercise, what we did was prep the new AMP server with the same organization string used on server A on server B, made sure group settings were setup the same, triggers, reports. At that point it was just to resolve a mismatch and we were done.
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