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Complete List of IP-Addresses or DNS-Names of Aruba Central Instances

Dear all,

I have some 70+ IAPs deployed at serveral sites, all with a firewall between the IAP management network and the Internet. Therefore I need to configure appropriate firewall rules to let traffic from the IAPs / VC through to Aruba Central.


After investigating the traffic, I found that my IAPs connect to the following IPs:


As this are all AWS-Systems, I assume that the IPs can change at any time. Are the public documented DNS-Names for those systems available, so I can configure firewall rules based on those names? Letting all IAPs connect to all IPs in the Internet for access to Aruba Central causes me some headache.


Having a complete list of which IPs/DNS-Names an IAP manged by Aruba Central needs to be able to contact would help here very much. From different sources I have assembled the following list:

  • Activate Service:
  • AppCentral:,
  • FirmwareUpdates:,
  • CloudGuest:,

Thanks, Gerhard

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Re: Complete List of IP-Addresses or DNS-Names of Aruba Central Instances

And there is more for Europe:




As I am assuming you are doing this to establish fw openings outbound to central you will also need to access sso sites for 2 factor as well as google, but the last two to manage. You need TCP/443 to these sites and to /

NTP  UDP/123 to 


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