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Configure IAP VPN DHCP subnet

The scenario is this..


Instant-AP configured with distributed, L3 scope. Each VC gets a /24 subnet from (IP address range - client count 200)


A VC with only one IAP brakes and needs to be replaced.


Is there a way to make the replacement IAP get the same subnet as the broken IAP?


The reason we need the same subnet are printers configured with static IP addresses.


The only way I've found is to configure each VC with a "static" subnet-range.
Like, IP address range - client count 200.

But that means each VC needs DHCP scope override in Airwave. And I don't know if there are other drawbacks configure each VC with a seperate branch-key subnet.


Any input appreciated.


Re: Configure IAP VPN DHCP subnet

In order for the controller to assign the same BID (branch-ID) to an incoming IAP-VPN site, there is a concept of virtual-controller-key within a cluster.  This allows the controller to assign the same BID/subnet to the location regardless of which IAP is the VC.  This key is unique per cluster and is not configurable.


Do you have a backup of the VC that you can restore to a replacement AP?


If not, you may need to call TAC to see if there are any alternatives.

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Re: Configure IAP VPN DHCP subnet

Thanks for the input. 


I'm trying to find a process how to handle this fictive scenario before eventually roll out in larger scale. So nothing is down yet.


To use a backup was a good idé. Don't know why I didn't think of that in the first place.
I tried to do a "ap replacement" on the VC in Airwave before, which didn't work.
But restore the VC configuration file to a new IAP actually seems to work.


Thanks again.

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