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Configuring AP-387 for Point to Point link

AP-387 is for 802.11ad 60Ghz Point to Point Solution.
The AP-387's 5Ghz radio will not serve clients, it will only operate in Point to Point mesh mode.
If you are doing controllerless networks, The pair of AP-387s should be deployed in Standalone mode with mesh.
Two AP-387s in Standalone mode will ignore L2 VC advertisements and run independently, allowing you to bridge an IAP VC over an AP-387 Point to Point link.AP387.jpg


How to configure AP-387 for Point to Point link:


Version Used: ArubaInstant_Hercules_8.5.0.2_71711


Power up AP387 and interrupt it in the "apboot" prompt to set the following. 
//This can be done in the GUI, but will require multiple reboots
setenv standalone_mode 1
setenv uap_controller_less 1

We are making the AP387 in standalone mode and telling it not to look for controller.


Set country code and disable extended SSID
virtual-controller-country AU
name <AP-Name>
no extended-ssid


Configure the clusterless mesh settings. You don't need to goto "configure terminal" for this.
no mesh-disable
mesh-cluster-name <cluster-name>
mesh-cluster-key <cluster-key>

The cluster name is unique per Point to Point link.


In the Mesh Point, make the ethernet port trusted and enable ethernet briding.wired-port-profile.jpg

Enabling Ethernet Briding on Mesh Point.Point_EnetBridging.jpg


AP Environment Variable and Values.

Mesh Portal AP-Env:Portal_AP_Env.jpg


Mesh Point AP-Env:Point_AP_Env.jpg


Verification Commands:

Mesh Portal:

show aps

show ap mesh linkaps-mesh-link-portal.png

show ap mesh neighbourPortal-Mesh-Neighbour.jpg


Mesh Point:

show aps

show ap mesh linkaps-mesh-link-Point.png

show ap mesh neighbourPoint-Mesh-Neighbour.jpg


The 60Ghz radio has only three channels (1-3). Channel 2 will offer the highest performance for longer links.


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