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Re: Configuring AP-387 for Point to Point link

Q: What will trigger the AP to move from Mesh Portal to Mesh Point except a manual reboot when in Standalone mode?


I'm trying to use this a backup link for a single fiber between two buildings. 


During normal scenario the AP designated as Mesh Point will have Eth0 connectivity to it's gateway. During error situation (if fiber is disconnected) it will loose this connectivity, but switch link will be up. I think tho that it will only revert to Mesh Point if the physical switch-port goes down.


I have tried to simulate this by doing an interface disable (so that POE is still up), but in standalone mode the "Mesh Point" AP doesn't reboot and change to Mesh Point unless I manually do a "no power-over-ethernet". In cluster mode it will reboot after a few seconds and come up in Mesh Point mode.


It looks to me like I have to have manually disconnect/reconnect the "Mesh Point" to get the Mesh link up in case of fiber-disconnect..


Any tips for how to achieve what I want here without having to do this manual reconnect?

John Solberg

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Re: Configuring AP-387 for Point to Point link



When I activate "Enabling Ethernet Brinding" on mesh point.

I lose the connection with the mesh point. I can't ping anymore the IP adress of the mesh point and I can't access on webadmin.


Can you help me for this problem ?


Thank you for your help,



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Re: Configuring AP-387 for Point to Point link



I've had a few Mesh Points take up to 15 minutes to check in with the Mesh Portal. Just keep the Point aimed at the portal and powered up.  It will probably reboot a few times until it finally checks in.

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