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Connect to IAP from network over Luxul switch Trunk link to IAP-225

Trying to help a friend get his gear setup for home network. Ran into problem connecting to aruba from network unless I change the switch port to Access port VLAN1 (instead of Trunk like I want)


Using Luxul ABR-5000 router connected to Luxul XMS-2624P switch connected to Aruba Instant IAP-225.

We have VLANs 1,10,20,30 setup.


VLAN 1: 192.168.0.x /24

VLAN 10: 192.168.1.x /24, SSID: WLAN-1

VLAN 20: 192.168.2.x / 24, SSID: WLAN-2

VLAN 30: 192.168.3.x /24, SSID: WLAN-3


Default VLAN on Luxul switch is VLAN 1


When Trunking all VLANs on switch port (1) connected to the Aruba (E0), the SSID's for all WiFi clients work as expected. However, I cannot get to Aruba's IP address.


If I change the switch port 1 to Access instead of Trunk mode, and set it to VLAN 1, then I can reach the Aruba from the network. However, the SSID's stop serving DHCP for the other VLAN / SSIDs (as expected since its not trunking). I'm thinking this works because the Luxul switches do not tag VLAN 1 by default and aruba can process the untagged frame on its management VLAN 1.


After some reading, I'm guessing I need to set up the switch port 1 to Trunk for all VLANs, but remove VLAN 1 'tagging' from the trunk for the Aruba, so it becomes native-VLAN for the trunk. At that point, I am thinking I should be able to get the aruba from network and it still serve up IPs for the SSIDs. I think this will work because Aruba apparently doesn't know how to process VLAN 1 tagging from the swtich as VLAN 1 is its default management VLAN. Does this sound right or am I missing something?

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Re: Connect to IAP from network over Luxul switch Trunk link to IAP-225

So related to the above, but as a separate question 2... If I want to assign the same Aruba to be reachable on IP address to /24 on VLAN 30 instead of VLAN 1, I am wondering what steps I need.


My present thinking is

- Change the Aruba AP IP / Subnet to /24

- Remove VLAN 30 Egress tagging from the Trunk switch port aruba connected to

- Other?


The default management VLAN on the ARuba is still VLAN 1. The network schema I want to use for it is on VLAN 30. Do I need to now switch the management VLAN on the aruba to VLAN 30 as well?


If so, is that done on the AP config > Uplink tab > Management VLAN or somewhere else?


Final thought, will doing this force me to change the management VLAN for the switches to VLAN 30 as well, or will I be able to leave them on VLAN 1 as they default to?


Thank you,

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Re: Connect to IAP from network over Luxul switch Trunk link to IAP-225

Update to close out the above.


Luxul brand switches apparently can only be in management VLAN 1. So my resolution was to move the Aruba back to VLAN 1 for management (used it's default which reads VLAN 0 under the up-link > Management VLAN tab) static assign an IP / Subnet for that VLAN to the Aruba, then on switch port for the AP, found that I could use one of the following:

- Trunk mode (802.1q) and remove VLAN 1 tags from Egress

- Hybrid mode and remove VLAN 1 tags from Egress


Just a related tip if anyone using Luxul router, ensure you have inter-vlan routing enabled on the Luxul router, as that is what allows a non-management vlan to route to VLAN 1 apparently per Luxul support. Note, it does not allow acutal inter-VLAN routing say from 100 to 200, which I thought was a surprise.


So, resolved.

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