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Connecting to a RAP-3WN for the first time

I have a brand new RAP-3WN, I have configured our mobility controller in advance and now Im trying to connect to the RAP to tell it the IP address of the controller

I have powered the RAP on, and I have lights for the ports E1 & E2 when I connect to them, but no wireless LED and no SSID 'Instant'

If I have an ethernet cable plugged into E1, I get an IP address of, but can't connect to either or

Im suspicious about not getting any wireless LED, but I was hoping that if I can get the controller to upgrade the firmware, it might fix itself.

How can I get access to the RAP via a wired ethernet connection so that I can try and fix this

What is the default IP address that the RAP uses, maybe I can coonct to it that way?


I have tried the manual paperclip reset method - no joy



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Re: Connecting to a RAP-3WN for the first time

OK, I have made some progress on this

It would appear that the wireless is only available if the WAN link is plugged in as well as port E1

I can find the convert screen where I set the IP of the controller, but I cant see where to put the shared secret password in?

Re: Connecting to a RAP-3WN for the first time

With these RAPs, there is no shared secret.  The auth method to the controller is certificate based.  This RAPs MAC and appropriate AP group must be in the controller's RAP whitelist. 


Also the controller MUST be running 6.2 or later to support the RAP-3

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Re: Connecting to a RAP-3WN for the first time



is it possible to read the boot messages of RAP3wn? 



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