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Convert IAP 105



I can´t conver an IAP 105 to AP 105


I log in to instant and put the ip address of my controller and gett a message saying status not available.


What is the problem ? IAP need to ping the controller ? IAP does not have an IP, so how is the conversion done ? Does the IAP contacts the Aruba Controller?


I am not able to do the conversion


My controller is 3200xm (  and IAP is :


9c:1c:12:c9:08:2c# show version
Aruba Operating System Software.
ArubaOS (MODEL: 105), Version


Can you help ?

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Re: Convert IAP 105

Yes.....IAP needs to be able to talk to the controller and needs an IP address to do so.

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Re: Convert IAP 105

Please make sure that you IAP can communicate (PING) to the controller and regulatory domain of both IAP and controller are same.
Thanks & Regards
Syed Murad Ali
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Re: Convert IAP 105

IAP not getting dhcp ip address..


I am going to try to put a static one and see if it works

New Bitmap Image.gif

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Re: Convert IAP 105





it seems that we have one switch bad.. Dhcp is on Datacenter and we pass bettween 3 floor switches.


When i Changed to another switch everything is ok !


Thanks for the help

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Re: Convert IAP 105

IAP is converted to AP 105, but only shows 11A/N led.


The 11 B/G/N is off. Do you know why? It only appens on one of the ap´s



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Re: Convert IAP 105

Have you provisioned the AP?

What does your SSID profile look like?  Do you you have it set to only advertise on the 5GHz radio or both?

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Re: Convert IAP 105


I test it with another ap and both leds are green
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Re: Convert IAP 105

What version of SW is running on your controller? May need to update.

What is the regulatory domain of your IAP?  You can see that on the white part# sticker on the back of the AP. Ex: IAP-105-US.

What is the regulatory domain of your controller?

What Country Code are you setting for your APs?

Is the other, working, AP and IAP-105 or a regular AP-105?

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Re: Convert IAP 105

Hi marcos

Running 6.3 on Controller

Both are IAP ?s running PT country code

I?ve checked on Controller and all seem fine on the radios

I?ve never seen but could be a led error?

Because I see both radios UP in ap config on controller

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