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Converting from Aruba Central to local Instant network



I have a customer who have had around 15 Instant AP's trough Aruba Central. Now that the license is closing in on the expiration date, they've decided to not renew it and save some costs and I need to convert them from Central management to a regular Instant setup.


I cant really find any resources on how to do this is as efficiently as possible online. Does anyone have a good method for doing this?


The setup on the AP's are pretty basic - two different SSID's on different VLAN. One of the SSID's have a captive portal that goes through Central and will be changed to WPA2 key.


Any tips appreciated. 


Re: Converting from Aruba Central to local Instant network

1. If the license expires:


When license expires—>Device get unlicensed OR you can say subscription is unassigned, device won’t connect to central (local UI is fully functional now for complete set of operations on IAP).

Central users still can login into the the Central portal and can always add new licenses and begin assigning them to devices.

The device for which license is expired will show down in Central.

In case of customer already having a different valid license, then, devices get automatically assigned to that license and continue the operations. 


2. If license are still valid and you want to remove the devices from Central. Just unassign all the license of the device, device management & service, both, in Central. This will remove the device from Central and local UI will come up with complete functionality.


Central will show device as down and you can remove the down entry, from monitoring pane by following:



Re: Converting from Aruba Central to local Instant network

Just to be 100% clear - your IAP network will not die when subscriptions run out ;) Follow the procedures that Mannvishal described and you'll be a happy camper, but even if you do NOTHING in Central - your IAP solution will continue to function with full access to all config elements through the IAP GUI.


Of course - if you have Central Guest that stops working, but I assume you know that ;)


If you have alerts sending emails if device is down you should probably stop those..

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Re: Converting from Aruba Central to local Instant network

i can't do it, aruba 105

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