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Country code

Hi, I'm preparing several Aruba instant installations for different locations in the Caribbean.

When checking the country code for Curacao, I notice this is CW but it is not available in the dropdown list on the Aruba IAP.

Anyone know how to get this country code added to the dropdown list?

Re: Country code

Are you running the latest firmware on the IAP?


The support for different countries keeps on adding with newer releases.


Please upgrade to the latest version & check the same.

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Re: Country code

Hi, I've the latest available image fro the IAP225 but no country code CW (Curacao) available (

I think I will address this at support, unless someone has a better idea.

Re: Country code

TAC will be the correct course of action, we have support for the AP-225 in controllers, so they likely just need to integrate the latest DRT file into the Instant software. TAC should also be able to find a suitable placeholder as well until the latest code supports Curacao. 


If you are game, you could load the latest 'Early Release' IAP code and see if Curacao shows up. According to the release notes, the Early Release includes support for a DRT file that is post- Curacao's addition. However, if you are using Central, you may have to wait to get newer code.

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Re: Country code

The support for Curacao on AP-225 got added with DRT 1.0_49596.


IAP firmware is already mapped to DRT 1.0_52480 & should have supported Curacao.


As Jerrod mentioned, it will be best to open a TAC case here in order to get this addressed

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Re: Country code

Hi Nitesh, I believe you it should be there but it simply not shows up in the list (IAP225 with I've attached the view of the list and as can be noticed CW is not present.


I will have this addressed at TAC and see what they find out.



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Re: Country code

Opened a case a TAC and they conformed it is a bug.

Awaiting their response on when it becomes available.

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