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Custom Captive Portal\SSL certs\Post back url


   I wondering if anybody has written a captive portal for an IAP. I have written a portal and want to authenticate off the internal IAP user list

My issue is the post back url..

I have added a public cert to the ap ( and internal portal works with this. Aruba support have told me that external portal server and iap ssl cert has to be the same name (, however the post back has to be or

I'm confused with this as I would have assume the IAP cert and Portal server would have to be different for DNS lookup.

I've tried the custom captive portal with all combinations of the post back url (, and with no joy, the page either times out or page cannot be found!

I would appreciate if any Airhead could help?



PS Aruba add a few lines of code to center the internal portal (and the Central Guest login) on all devices and I wouldn't have to do this.

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Re: Custom Captive Portal\SSL certs\Post back url

Please see here: for sample html code.


The "post" has to be an fqdn that has the certificate fqdn.  If you uploaded a wildcard cert, then the fqdn should be like the example here:


The instant cluster intercepts DNS requests for the fqdn of the certificate and responds with its own ip address.  The "post" needs to point to that fqdn so that when you click on the button, it sends traffic to the Instant cluster for processing.

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Re: Custom Captive Portal\SSL certs\Post back url

Thanks Colin that explains the process which Support couldn't ...Comeback to you once I modified my coding

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