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DHCP for wired ports on RAP-3WNs

I have been experimenting with a RAP-3WN that we recently acquired.  Is it possible for the VC on the IAP to hand out addresses to the wired ports (eth 0/1 and 0/2) in the same manner that it does for WLAN clients?  In my current SSID implementation, I have my clients set to 'virtual controller assigned' and they obtain 192.168.x addresses.  It would be nice if the same thing occured on the wired ports but I'm having no such luck.


I noticed that it uses a "magic vlan" (3333 in my case) for the WLAN clients but I was unable to set it as my access VLAN for my ethernet ports.

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Re: DHCP for wired ports on RAP-3WNs

I recently started playing with the RAP-3WN again and I found a solution to my inquiry.  To DHCP on wired ports in a particular VLAN, you have to set up a scope in the 'DHCP Server' menu which can be found in the VPN options.  I'm not sure why it's located there but this allowed me to make the appropriate configuration changes.


Thanks to clembo. 


This thread has some additional information/pictures:

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