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DHCP issue with IAP-135 on firmware

I've recently started have an issue with clinets not getting a DHCP address from our local DHCP servers. But my issue is that it is sporadic and i can not reproduce it. For example I have a IAP 135 with  say 3 users connected on it. One of the users will connect to the SSID but only gets the 169.254.x.x address while the other users connected to the same SSID have an IP in our coroporate DHCP range. The only way i have found to get the user with the "wrong" ip to pick up a valid dhcp IP is to reboot the IAP. Once it come back up they connect and get a valid DHCP IP and all is fine in the world...for a time.


What's weird is its not fixed to one particular IAP nor a particular client nor a particular timeframe, it varies around our IAP infrastucture (we have 38 of them managed by Airwave in 11 different geographic locations) all different times. We can go a few days or a week without any issue, then it one day i have to reboot 3 different devices. We recently upgraded the devices to firmware but before i attempt to just downgrade I want to see if the issue can be resolved or atleast identified. 


Anyone have this issue?

Re: DHCP issue with IAP-135 on firmware

Im currently on the latest IAP version and I am not experiencing any issues.

Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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