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DHCP problems with iPhone


I have a cluster of IAP with AOS

There are problems to connect with the iPhones IOS 11.

If the IP address is assigned by the virtual controller, it works fine if the vlan assignment is the default one.

But it can't obtain an IP address, if the vlan assigned is custom.

I attach some screenshot of our configuration.


Re: DHCP problems with iPhone

1. Do all other clients work & issue is specific to iPhones?


2. Have you made sure that VLAN is passed from slave to master on the switchport trunks?


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Re: DHCP problems with iPhone

We have the problem only with iPhone IOS 11. I didn't test other IOS versions.

I tested with some Android phones and they work fine, so i suppose VLAN is correctly managed.



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Re: DHCP problems with iPhone

I verified and found that the iPhone was connected to a far IAP where the Vlan wasn't passed.


Kind regards.

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