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DPI - Limit Streaming - Vimeo



I have tried apprf / limit of traffic with an iap 315. The goal is to limit streaming to, for example, a maximum of 2 mbit.
this worked immediately with youtube, but not with vimeo. vimeo is recognized by apprf not as streaming but as web.
however, according to the command "show dpi appcategory streaming", vimeo should be in the streaming group.
Is there a solution?
has anyone else tried that?
thank you

Re: DPI - Limit Streaming - Vimeo

We have notified engineering on this bad mapping of Vimeo.

Aruba Employee

Re: DPI - Limit Streaming - Vimeo

if you are trying to rate limit the streaming category then you can brghtcloud or webcc ACL. it does resolve vimeo to streaming.


incase there is issue, please check the show datapath session verbose to see if its classifying properly.

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