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Dbm question

Hello every one. I have a question about dbm.

What is the dbm in 2.4 for a good signal? For the 5?

Re: Dbm question


For me a good dbm is no higher than -65dbm...

For me -70 dbm is bad  -80 is terrible. and so on.  Anything above -65dbm is not good for me.  At least i take that nubmer as a stand point when im doing site survey.

This number applies to 5ghz and 2.4ghz

You will notice that if you stand for example 150 feet away from an AP in an open space let say a 105 AP you will notice that you will get -60dbm on 2.4ghz  and -73dmb on 5ghz and thats why 2.4ghz can travel farther than 5ghz.


The dbm values i just used in the example above are not accurate it something that i made up to try explaining you!


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Re: Dbm question

That also depends on the type of device and traffic.  Generally -65 is a good signal for voice & Lync traffic.


I have seen some handheld scanners quite happily work right down to -90, but that is just small bits of infrequent data.


The key is to understand your user base and what type of devices will be connecting.  For the average office with a mix of laptops and smart devices with heavy data usage and Lync and/or voice traffic, then -65 is what you want to achieve, as Nightshade1 said.

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Re: Dbm question

Had a lightbulb about this from my senior, he said that it still depends on the quality of signal receiving on the client. I guess this can be seen from the AP perspective (from the dashboard). So it must be taken into count from both perspective (AP and client, back and forth).

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Re: Dbm question

Not only client and AP perspective but one must take into account the noise floor as well.

with a signal of -65dbm, what is your noise floor?

Noise floor is also important. If practically no noise, close to -100, a signal of -75, theoretically should have a 25 SNR which isnt bad.

just my $0.02
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