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Deleted iap back to vc?


i deleted iap from vc but know i like to get it back. I see these iap:s mac address in acces point info. also if i try to connect directly to that iap it will redirect to that vc. but still i cannot manage this iap. what i need to do that i get them back to vc?

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Re: Deleted iap back to vc?

It is difficult to remove an instant AP from a cluster and try to run it on the same layer 2 VLAN as another cluster.  You can try this:


Turn on "no allow-new-aps"


Remove that AP from the allowed AP list


Reboot that AP (remove POE, maybe?).


Web into the GUI of that AP and Change that AP to a standalone AP and reboot it so that it will not attempt to connect to the cluster again: 

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Re: Deleted iap back to vc?


i already deleted from vc but then i get second thought and i want them back. Yesterday i realized where problem is. I changed the switch vlan 1 to tagged and vlan20 to untagged. Before that i change iap vc uplink vlan to 20 and vc vlan to 20. after that iap's stopped working. Now returned switch vlan setting and now it's working. but now i cant see them because my  management network is vlan20. i'm not understood why is not work on vlan20?

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