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Deploying Instants with a wifi uplink



I'm currently working with a customer that has a couple of dozen RAPs out in the field. We have the Activate + ClearPass integration and it's going real well.


The one thing that came up during this rollout is that a couple of people are just not able to place the RAP near their home Internet connection. One of the workarounds that I'm currently testing is the following:


1. IAP-109 in Instant mode running code

2. Setup the IAP in the IAP-VPN configuration to tunnel back to the controller in a L3, Distributed manner

3. Set the wifi uplink on a per-user basis.

4. Save the configuration file and copy and paste it into these one-off configs, as needed.


The question I had, is this the best way to go about this type of deployment? Has anyone had success rolling out a larger set of IAPs with the wifi uplink enabled?


Thanks for your time!



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Re: Deploying Instants with a wifi uplink



Plan looks good, but why only Distributed L3 ? I believe Distributed L2 is more suitable and stable.

More over, WiFi uplink work fine with any IAP (RAP) but depends on the WIFI service providing device.


Venu Puduchery,
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Re: Deploying Instants with a wifi uplink

Hi Venu,


I have the most experience with L3, Distributed, but I'll give the L2, Distributed a try, too. It looks like that configuration give the user the most "RAP"-like experience. Is that your take on it, too?


In terms of the wifi, I'm just not sure you can program the wifi uplink on anything but a case-by-case basis. It would be great if the user could be prompted with a generic page when they first log in to enter their wifi credentials - similar to how one sets up a phone. I don't think that's an available option, though. Granted, it would be something like the "Hotel Connect" feature of the RAPs that used to be touted by Aruba.



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