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Devices moved every third minute

So a customer has no more than 2 315-IAPs connected to Aruba Central. They are having issues with connection drops, so here is what i did:


- First of all I made sure that it was not related to anything in from of the APs, i ran a continous ping test towards the internet over the wired connection on a latop, while running a similtanous one towards the same destination using the WiFi Apdater. In an hour i got one drop on the wired, and plenty others on the WiFi. So, WiFi issues.


Then what i did was make sure the client didnt have the wifi adpter power saving feature set, as ive seen as problematic earlier. It did not, its on High Performance Power Scheme in Windows 10 and its on power.


The test machine is placed staticly, its not being moved physically between signal cover zones.


So...all the usuals out of the way, I log into the controller and monitor my computer there, and i see that its being moved, every third minute from its original AP to the other and then back again, all withing 20 seconds. The timestamps on these operations match pretty much exactly with the drops im logging in my ping script towards the internet.


Withing a few minutes of looking at the client device distribution across the two APs I see funny numbers. There are just 22 clients total, and they are being moved like crazy between the APs over short periods of time. Since mine is being move too, and because most of the people here are sitting statically working within the same 5 minutes, I can definatley say that this is not because of devices moving around physically.


I see no problems on the AP im connected to, the only thing thats a bit low is my speed on the 5 GHz towards that AP. Other than that the AP it self has no failures, no noise, no over utlization and my signal is strong.


Is there some form of tech, or setting moving these devices around based on some form of measurement that i can either adjust way up to make sure it doesnt happen? 

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