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Disable U-APSD on Central managed IAPs

How do I disable U-APSD on a Central managed IAP?


On non-central manged IAPs this is possible per SSID with the wmm-uapsd-disable knob, but if I try to apply that on my Central-managed IAP I just get an error that it is denied by Central:


a8:bd:27:c0:44:fc (config) # wlan ssid-profile MathiasPSK
a8:bd:27:c0:44:fc (SSID Profile "MathiasPSK") # wmm-uapsd-disable
a8:bd:27:c0:44:fc (SSID Profile "MathiasPSK") # exit
a8:bd:27:c0:44:fc (config) # exit
a8:bd:27:c0:44:fc# commit apply
committing configuration...

Configuration denied by Aruba Central management

And I'm not able to find that knob in the Central UI, so how do I override the central config with non-UI supported stuff like this?

Re: Disable U-APSD on Central managed IAPs

not 100% of IAPs knobs are available in Central UI. Infact this knob not in the IAP's native UI as well.


Then how do you overcome such scenarios?


If there is an absolute need, then you would try to use template groups, where you can push the entire CLI config using Central. But you will lose the Central UI for IAP config completely and will have to be well versed with CLI of IAP.

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Re: Disable U-APSD on Central managed IAPs

Thanks for your reply. I was hoping for a way to tell central to push just a set of specific CLI commands *on top* of what's configured from the UI, but if I understand you right, that's currently not possible.


Anyway, I tried to remove the IAP from Central to apply the knob, but it didn't fix my problem, so I assume my client is using the legacy PS-POLL Power Saving mode rather than U-APSD. 


Is it possible to disable PS-POLL support on the AP, or is that always the client's decision to support or not?

Re: Disable U-APSD on Central managed IAPs

Cant answer that but to have unsupported UI config implemented there is one more way.


You can try one more thing.


Disconnet the IAP from Central by unassigning the license.


Delete the IAP from Central's AP down list.


Network mgmt>monitroing>AP>list>r go to right and use trash can to delete it.


Verify its disconnected from Central on IAP by running show ap debug cloud-server.


Now you can go into conf t and implement changes. commit apply and wr mem.


Now add the IAP into Central. Ideally IAP should come in unprovisioned section. From there you can take the IAP and its config and create a new UI group using it.


This way the CLI config you implemented will stay preserved.

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