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Does AP205H requires vertical mounting?

Stating AP205H / IAP205H is single polarity AP does it mean in needs to be mounted vertically only?

How about clients devices?


AP205 is simillar but does it require horizontal monuting position??

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Re: Does AP205H requires vertical mounting?

It's designed to be used in a vertical orientation (wall mount or desktop). 

The regular 205, like all of the other indoor APs, are designed to be mounted horizontally (ceiling). 

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Re: Does AP205H requires vertical mounting?

AP-205H is designed to be wall mounted vertically or on a desk mount vertically. This is mostly for heat dissipation from the heatsink on the back. You can mount it horizontally on a wall, but it will not cool as efficiently (the wlan from the AP should be fine in an office or room environment). 


The AP-205 is designed to be mounted on a ceiling. It can be wall mounted but coverage will not be as good since it will not longer be radiating in 360deg across the floor.

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Re: Does AP205H requires vertical mounting?



Thats what i thought. I ran some tests and looked at radiation patterns in both planes and was curious if 205H could be mounted in the same way that of 205.

There are small differences of course but in both cases APs performed as expected.


Is there an info on heat dissipation on AP205 series in case NEMA enclouse would need to be used for mounting? 


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Re: Does AP205H requires vertical mounting?

The radiation pattern is more 'out and away' than what the AP-205 has, so they are not the same patterns (TL;DR the AP-205H has a much larger null 'behind' the AP)


Heat loading on the AP will add 10-20C to the internal temp, depending on load. Where will the NEMA be mounted and what will the ambient temp outside of the NEMA be? Will the NEMA be exposed to the sun?


In general though, it's not recommended to put indoor APs into NEMA boxes due to internal self-heating (regardless of indoor AP model). The 205H has heatsinks that they other APs do not have because it is a physically smaller package so the backside gets hotter than the backside of an AP-205. Additionally since the AP-205H can supply POE out, it can generate FAR more heat than a regular AP-205 (assuming that is being used). 

Jerrod Howard
Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer
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