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Does IAP105 of ARUBA support repeater mode (WDS)?

Does IAP105 of ARUBA support repeater mode (WDS)?


I set up two AP in Stand-Alone and want to use it with a bridge of L2.

I know that there is Mesh mode.
However, I want to do wireless communication in the state that used IAP as standalone between AP.


I want you to tell me because there is not information.



Re: Does IAP105 of ARUBA support repeater mode (WDS)?

i dont think thats supported...

But why you  want to do that with wds instead of mesh?

If you want to use the IAP 105 and put it as a repeater of another brand ap thats not possible.




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Re: Does IAP105 of ARUBA support repeater mode (WDS)?

Thank you for a reply.

I know that IAP can have access to mesh.


I want to use it in slightly special environment.

The environment that the moving vehicle and fixed position can communicate in IAP of the setting. I communicate only when a vehicle approaches.

(with the need to make the association which can communicate early)


IAP has a controller function built-in by software.
However, each other is going to become Master when I leave it.


Therefore I use two IAP in StandAlone-Mode and want to communicate like Repeater.
I do not mind in environment of L2.


I want you to help me if there is any good advice !



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