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Downgrade five IAP-105

Recently upgraded from to and now our Guest Network (setup as Employee) does not work.  Seems I can ping other wireless devices and also the switches (if I assign them a VLAN interface), but I can't ping the router.  If I plug into a switchport on the guest vlan I can get to the internet and ping the router.  I have tried wiresharking everything and can't for the life of me figure out what broke in the upgrade.  It almost as if the APs are filtering broadcasts.  If I assign a static ARP entry for the router, I can ping it fine.


How can I get a image of the old version so that I can downgrade? Aruba Support keeps telling me that they are under LLW so I only have access to the docs; WooWhoo.. that's a big help.  I am about to toss these things in the garbage.

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Re: Downgrade five IAP-105

Just found this.  The 192.168.10.x net is supposed to be in VLAN 150.  Why is it showing as VLAN 3333 with dropping the route?  Also the netmask is wrong.  (


 9/18/2013 16:25:44 PM    Target: AP1    Command: show datapath route
Route Table Entries

Flags: L - Local, P - Permanent,  T - Tunnel, I - IPsec, M - Mobile, A - ARP, D - Drop

       IP             Mask           Gateway       Cost  VLAN  Flags
---------------  ---------------  ---------------  ----  ----  -----           0     0          0  3333  D         0     1  L       

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Re: Downgrade five IAP-105

Ok, ignore this.  After searching around for Aruba and VLAN 3333 turns out that it was 'Magic VLAN' or something.  Looks like it overlapped our guest network subnet and that route was dropping the traffic.  I just moved the guest network to new range and it's working now.  Odd.

Re: Downgrade five IAP-105


Please do the following :


show ip interface brief

show access-rule-all



Thank you

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