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Duplicate DHCP addresses when connecting two AP105's

I recently placed two AP105 Accespoints at a customer site.

But I now have the strange behaviour when both accespoints are powered up some of the laptops tell that there is an IP conflict with an other device in the network.


I have done some tests in the network enviroment with a fluke network tester, and can not see any strange behaviour.

When both AP's are on I see that a couple of IP addresses showing up in the fluke tester with double MAC addresses.

One MAC address is the original MAC address of the laptop and the other MAC address is a phantom address starting with 02:....


Our LAN subnet is 192.168.10.x/24

We are using firmware Version:


I have tested for over a week now with one accesspoint enabled and everything is working fine. When I connected the second AP to cover the ground floor I got IP conflict messages again.


Does anyone has the same problem?

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Re: Duplicate DHCP addresses when connecting two AP105's

Are the TWO ip addresses in the same subnet?

What is the DHCP server?

Is there more than one DHCP server?

Can you see what is assigning those addresses?


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Re: Duplicate DHCP addresses when connecting two AP105's

I am using a Windows 2003 server as DHCP server, this is also my Domain controller and exchange server.

The dupicate addresses are in the same subnet. For the LAN subnet we use, where the DHCP server is On the laptop it seems that the address is assigned by the correct DHCP server.

I did some research on the network when I was on location but I was unable to find the devices with the MAC addresses starting with 02:F0:AF., so I could not check the addresses on these devices.

On the search I checked all running computers and did not find any virtual machines which could cause this kind of behaviour.

The MAC address are gone on the fluke network tester when I disconnect 1 of the accesspoints.


I discoverd that the aruba accesspoints had also a DHCP config using the subnet. I changed this to another subnet, but according to me this could not cause the problems becuase DHCP is turned off in the Aruba accesspoints.


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