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EIRP / Conducted power IAP's

Hello there ,


is there a way to see the EIRP / antenna gain / conducted power for an IAP similar to a controller based AP using


show ap debug driver-log ap-name (xxx) | include EIRP


I am using IAP93 and IAP105 or later.


id like to get a similar output to below

594    765882.908704 wifi0: EIRP (Config: 18.0dBm, Set: 18.0dBm, AP Max: 26.0dBm, Reg Max: 23dBm), Conducted Power Set: 12.0dBm, Gain: 6.0dBm
599    769044.918390 wifi1: EIRP (Config: 18.0dBm, Set: 18.0dBm, AP Max: 25.5dBm, Reg Max: 20dBm), Conducted Power Set: 12.5dBm, Gain: 5.5dBm


but i cant find a CLI or GUI command to give me that information.

I have tried ap tech support dumps and show ap driver-config, show log driver


Im sure it must be possible.

Any help appricated.


Re: EIRP / Conducted power IAP's



show ap bss-table
show ap debug driver-config


Help you at all?



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