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ETH1 Port Bridge / Switch same network as ETH0 uplink? Act like a switch



the eth1+ ports (eth2/3/4) on instant AP's or instant RAP (155..) are those configurable to have them acting like a switch , e.g. to connect another bunch of clients or in my case a Remote AP ?


 default eth0 is set to "default_wired_profile", which is used as uplink to local network. eth1/2/3/4 are all set to wired-instant. so i tried to set aswell to default_wired_profile but there's no link between eth1 and the attached remote_AP.


any ideas, perhaps im just too confused as sometimes settings on IAP are just freaking me out ;-)


regarding local config on the iap-cluster, no VLANs used , i tried to set an own wired-profile with "access-mode" , similar to the functionality we have on corporate Remote APs where we just connect eth1 a voip phone or some client and tunnel this thru the usual gre/IPSEC, 


as no vlans are used, i set the own wired profile to native vlan1 ? 



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