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Elder home / Healthcare asset tracking

Hi all,

I have got a request to find out everything I can about what is needed to track wheelchairs / hospital beds / other assets. What more is needed then Wifi? I guess I'm in need of some kind of beacons / RFid tags and do they need some software to be possible to be seen on some kind of map? 
Is is possible to get notification when certain asset leaves certain area for example?  We are quite new to this so every information could help. I've read some things on the Arubapedia but if someone has real use cases would that be very helpful. 

Re: Elder home / Healthcare asset tracking

Hi traustie,


Beacons are used to track accurate client location and push notifications. This beacons are deployed with WIFI and managed by meridian cloud server.


Meridina is used to create mobile Apps and manage the beacons.


location beacon provide blue dot line in your App which shows your exact location and proximity beacon used to push notifications to mobile user.


since you want to manage/monitor your devices, you could use Airwave server which is montioring/managing tool, where you could see all your client and RFtags on Airwave VisualRF floor plan. we could set tag alert in Airwave, If any tag does not respond to Airwave for an interval it will trigger an alert.


screen shot shows list of supported tags in Airwave







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Re: Elder home / Healthcare asset tracking

There are releasing a asset tracking beacon, for just what you are asking, to findi ex. wheel chairs, medical equipment. So contact your aruba sales person



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