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Exclude range in Instant DHCP

Is it possible to exclude an IP range of and above from the Instant default DHCP Pool



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Re: Exclude range in Instant DHCP

From playing around with an IAP, there does seem to be a way around it, but it seems a bit odd to do it this way.


1. Click on System--Show Advanced Options and click on DHCP.

  • Select a different range than what is the default

2. Click on More--DHCP Server

  • Add an "Other" scope and select the type “Local”
  • Choose a VLAN for this scope
  • Use the subnet
  • Exclude (everything above this IP will be excluded)
  • Fill in the other fields as needed

3. Change the SSIDs to be statically set to this VLAN

  • Edit the SSID and change it from "Virtual Controller Assigned" to "Network Assigned"
  • Select a Static VLAN, and use the VLAN number created for the scope in step 2
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