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External Antenna needs configuration

I have recently installed the below APs to one of our office. I am facing few issue and would require help in resolving the same.

1. Client are not getting speed greater then 54Mbps even though some of client are supporting the 802.11ac.
2. The signal strength of clients connected to respective APs is showing very low
3. I am receiving the error that external Antenna needs configuration for most of the APs


I am using one of the AP as virtual controller for Mgmt. purpose.

Below are part code for APs and antenna which are used.

Total Number of APs at the site : 9
Part Number : IAP-204-RW
Antenna Part Number : AP-ANT-1W

Please let me know if you require any other information.



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Re: External Antenna needs configuration

You'll need to input the gain for the antennas. As far as negotiated speed, what encryption are you using?
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Re: External Antenna needs configuration

Thanks for your quick reply.

What is input I need to put under gain? Is it depends of Antenna type or AP?


Can I use 4 and 6 for 2.5Ghz and 5Ghz respectively?


I am using the WPA & WPA2 Enterprise for Encryption.



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Re: External Antenna needs configuration

Encryption type is TKIP and AES both. Is the speed depends to encryption type which was configured on client wireless profile?



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Re: External Antenna needs configuration



TKIP does not allow you to connect at more than 54.

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