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External Captive Portal + Public Certificate

Hello everyone,


I'm configuring some optimizations to my guest wireless network, I'm currently using IAPs 215 and also airwave.


Initially I was using the guest network configured with an external Radius + internal captive portal, it worked fine, but the internal captive portal is very limited and I also wanted to change the default url to


I configured my web server and in the default.html file I'm using the url.


I got a trial SSL certificate from comodo with the CN and installed uploaded it through the instant UI (it is now showing as current CA certificate and the default aruba certificate is showing as default server certificate).

Untitled pictusre.png


I configured an A record in my external DNS pointing to the IP where is hosted (found it with nslookup).


When I connect to the guest network everything works fine, I get redirected to the custom web page and I can successfully authenticate with radius, but I get a certificate error:

Untitled pictureeee.png


I think the certificate error is happening because I'm still using the default aruba certificate. How can I ensure that my new certificate is used instead of the default one? I see no options to remove or manipulate the certificates within the instant UI. Can it be done using command line? If I remove the default aruba certificate and leave only my new certificate there, it should work, right? Has anyone here done something similar?

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Re: External Captive Portal + Public Certificate

I'll factory default one of my IAPs and test this in a lab environment tomorrow, I'll try to delete the default certificate through the command line (if possible lol).


If anyone has any insight on this, it would be much appreciated.


**bleep** certificate errors. Pffft!

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