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Facebook WiFi, client token problem

Hello guys,

I have a request for you. We are not able to install facebook wifi on 100% for all our customers. Sometimes the installation will be fine, sometimes we can not sign up with a Facebook location announcement on the FREE wifi network. The page writes "Failed to authenticate client token. Please try again ,,

Facebook sites have a location, we are administrators. It is very weird and we did not even prefer any special settings. Only new aruba after reset, configuring guest network with facebook but it does not work. The only thing that networks are different is customer routers. What must be allowed on the router to make it work as it should? Please help, thank you all


aruba FW 6.5.3, IAP 207, but IAP 305 have some problem

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Re: IAP 207 - Facebook WiFi, client token problem


I found out that there is probably a problem with mikrotik routers. Probably a rule with a firewall. Will anyone know? Otherwise, Aruba 205 also does not work or older firmware. Once I change the router so it works. Thank you for your advice

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Re: IAP 207 - Facebook WiFi, client token problem

So it will also not be in the router setup. Anyone have any ideas? Can someone try it? Thx

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