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Feature comparison between IAP and CAP



I'm searching for a comparison between instant and campus AP. I've found alot of old topics with this question, but no real overview about the features. As far as I know the IAP does not support all features that the CAP with wireless controller supports. Is there a chart or list that shows the differences?

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Re: Feature comparison between IAP and CAP

Hey, as far as I know there is no official comparison chart to list the differences between a controller based and controllerless architecture. With every release there is a an increase in feature set on the IAP which does reduce the feature set gap between controller vs controller less. 


Was there a particular feature you was interested in?

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Re: Feature comparison between IAP and CAP

IAP can be convert to CAP, but CAP can't convert to IAP.

IAP convert to CAP can be reconverted to IAP





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Re: Feature comparison between IAP and CAP

I'm interested in this question as well.  I'm about to replace an HP wlan with about 50 APs and it seems there's no clear answer.  Historically it comes down to features, but since Instant can do layer-3 mobility, and management via AirWave is dead simple, I can't think of any compelling reason to buy controllers in this scenario.

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Re: Feature comparison between IAP and CAP

If you have multiple VLANs for client traffic you would really only have to configure the port that connects the controller to the layer 3 switch as a trunk. In an instant based scenario, you would have to configure trunks connecting all 50 devices....

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Re: Feature comparison between IAP and CAP

Yes, simplifying the configuration of the switchports at the edge is definitely an advantage of a controller based architecture.  This is something we've accounted for and find acceptable.

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